Call for entries
Photodarium 2025

Please read the following information very carefully to ensure a correct participation.


Upload information

On the front side of each calendar sheet your photo and the calendar day will be visible. On the back side a little background story of your photo, your name, your location and your URL will be presented.

Important: The text on the back side is part of your submission and will be printed as additional background information on the back of each calendar sheet. Please take it serious: If you only enter a dummy text or other unreasonable description, we will refuse your submission completely! It’s our aim to not only present beautiful instant photos but also interesting stories behind. This text is nearly as much important as the photo itself!


Confirmation by the editors

Notice that we’ll check your contribution. If we consider your work not as appropriate we may reject it. Once your work has been carefully judged and choosen, you'll receive a confirmation via email.


Digital file formats

350 dpi at original size
88 x 107 mm (with frame)

Please notice that we only accept original instant photos made with SX-70, 600 or new Impossible/Polaroid cameras. All fakes will be put in the pillory on our Facebook page ;)



Call for entries: 1st of September, 2023
Deadline: 24th of September, 2023
Production and distribution: 2024

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